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An enterprise e-commerce business can lead to high returns if you manage it well. But managing this business without errors can be a difficult task. Hence, you need to choose the best enterprise e-commerce platform to help you with this. Shopify plus and BigCommerce are some of the best platforms with advanced features to enable you to torun your business successful. They have features that will allow you to create a unique site that will make it easier for customers to differentiate you from your competitors. Also, they will enable you to offer services that will enhance customers’ experience. With this, you can drive traffic and sell more. Here are 5 advanced features of Shopify plus and BigCommerce:


Customization is an essential feature that will enable you to tweak your template in the way of your choice. It will offer you the freedom to add elements and create a unique site. Building a unique site can make customers view you as a reliable and trustworthy seller. Both Shopify plus and BigCommerce have the customization feature. With this, you will get the freedom to change the color and fonts of the template. 

Also, you can easily add high-quality videos and photos to convey a crucial message to a massive number of customers. The customization feature plays a vital role in helping you to enhance customers’ experience. This feature will allow you to change your check-out process. If you have a lengthy process, you can make it simple and clear. Also, customization can enhance the loading speed of your site. You can compress your files and reduce the fonts.

Mobile optimization

The use of a mobile device is increasing. Customers are using this device to shop online. They no longer use the desktop which will require you to be in a room to operate it. For the mobile device, you can have the freedom to use it from any place-from the comfort of your bed or while on-the-go. Shopify plus and BigCommerce enterprise have responsive templates to enable you to build a site that will look great on all the screen sizes. For more information to have a detailed look at the two leading cloud-based ecommerce platforms comparison, go to Shopify.com/plus/compare/bigcommerce

Customer support

Everyone including the experts needs help. In this case, selecting g an enterprise e-commerce platform with reliable customer support should be your priority. It should provide you with positive feedback on time. One that has various methods of providingfeedback is crucial. A free phone call, a text, and a live chat are some of the great methods. If your goal is to create a professional site without challenges, you need to consider Shopify plus or BigCommerce. These enterprise e-commerce platforms have 24/7 customer support which will fix your issues quickly.


If increasing sales is your goal, you need to consider selling across multiple channels. With this, you will reach a massive number of customers as each sales channel has its customers. Shopify plus integrates with over 20 sales channels to allow you to list your products and sell more. The BigCommerce is another enterprise e-commerce platform that integrates with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook. Also, these platforms provide a buy button to enable customers to place their orders easily.


Another great feature is security. It will prevent you from encountering losses. Hence, you can run a business of high profits. The BigCommerce is a platform of multiple layers of security that will prevent unauthorized access. Also, it has PCI DSS certified at level 1 to enable customers to use credit cards during payments. Like the BigCommerce, Shopify plus is level 1 PCI DSS certification. Both platforms have SSL certification to protect the customers’ sensitive data.

Final thoughts

These features can enhance your business growth. With the multichannel feature, you can increase sales. The security feature can improve customers’ experience and can make you sell more.