5 Key Similarities Between Shopify Plus and BigCommerce

//5 Key Similarities Between Shopify Plus and BigCommerce

5 Key Similarities Between Shopify Plus and BigCommerce

The invention of e-commerce has leveled up the business world in a more efficient, safe and effective way. The invention of new ways to use the internet has led to up-scaling of e-commerce in that you can buy and sell products over internet wherever you are. Shopify Plus and BigCommerce are e-commerce platforms that can host your online store. They are secured, well organized and provides you with up-to-date information regarding your goods. Below are the key similarities between the two e-commerce platforms.

They have various subscription plans

Both stores provide their users with different levels of subscription. This largely depends on your planned budget and the size of your online stock. The lowest level is the standard level followed by plus and pro levels. The charges rise as you upgrade your online store account which experts recommend when you have a larger stock to trade online. Higher levels give you access to more features that will surely improve the outlook and performance of your virtual store.

They provide large storage

You need an online storage space for your products when selling through Shopify or BigCommerce. The platforms provide you with an almost infinite size and bandwidth so that you can stock as much as you can in the stores. Therefore, you are not limited in stocking size as long as you subscribe to an appropriate level.

They allow for blogging

Blogs are key tools that you can use to increase visitors’ traffic in your online store. You can achieve higher sales by regularly writing informative blog posts. Always take into consideration keyword optimization so that your website appears in the results whenever customers search for the keywords. Both Shopify and BigCommerce offer you a platform to write a blog post relating to the niche of your products. This surely works wonders in bringing more customers into your online store. It is also worth noting that both platforms allow you to bring in blog posts from another site.

They have applications stores

For you to fully benefit from the online stores, you have to access a large number of features as you upgrade your account to higher levels as your trading volume increases. BigCommerce and Shopify Plus have App stores from which you can download applications that are necessary to add appropriate features in your account.

They have a cart recovery functionality

Sometimes a customer can leave without completing a purchase from your Shopify or BigCommerce online store. This can happen due to internet problems or computer malfunction forcing the customer to leave your store prematurely. However, both Shopify and BigCommerce have a recovery function which automatically sends an email to the customer reminding him or her to purchase your product.


Trading your goods through Shopify and BigCommerce can be more beneficial due to better customer support and large storage. Both stores have quite a few similar features which serve the same function to ensure that you get maximum satisfaction as you transact via your virtual store.


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