4 Benefits Of Using Shopify Plus and BigCommerce

//4 Benefits Of Using Shopify Plus and BigCommerce

4 Benefits Of Using Shopify Plus and BigCommerce

The Internet has not only brought together people from all over the world into a ‘common village’ but has also evolved the business sphere into a more favorable sector. This has reduced the inconveniences of you setting up business premises in physical locations. It’s also important to note that physical locations are becoming more expensive to acquire as years go by.  E-commerce enables you to trade goods online via major platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce.  The online stores offer you various account options which help you manage your sales and website functionality more efficiently. Which are the benefits that you are likely to come across when trading through these online stores? The article serves to expound on them.

More secure

Online business is a more secure venture than physical businesses due to limited chances of your goods being stolen. The hosts apply top security measures to protect customers’ credentials thus protecting them from data theft and money loss. Shopify and BigCommerce have not been left behind in securing their customers’ stores.  They ensure top-level encryption and authentication features to provide maximum security to your online products and account information. Therefore, you can trade via the platforms without worrying about security breach.

Higher customer support

Both Shopify and BigCommerce know the value of their customer. Therefore, they ensure that you are satisfied with your account operation. They provide you with managers who steer you in the right direction in managing your account. They include launch managers who steer you in the right direction when starting. Provision of merchant success managers helps you to manage your sales to make favorable profits effectively. The online store platforms also provide 24/7 customer care services to serve you any time of the day.

Provision of analytical reports

Both Shopify and BigCommerce provide you with a variety of analytical reports which keeps you updated with concrete information regarding your sales and account operation. Search data report gives you information about products that customers searched for in your store. Customer’s reports tell you about a customer’s total spending and time of placing orders while finance reports analyze your sales income and tax proceedings.

They prevent accidental loss due to incomplete purchases

Surely, you would not like a potential customer abandoning a purchase in the middle of the buying process. Shopify and BigCommerce have a special abandoned cart recovery functionality that helps you out in such a situation. It automatically sends email to customer inviting them to buy the product that they abandoned. It has been shown that quite a large percentage of the customers that receive such emails proceed to buy the product.


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